How do you like my new place?

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you; I got a new web design. I streamlined a few sections; added new coats of color and created a better user experience. Yup, I totally used the “Marie Kondo Method” approach to my website. If I used this same method in my office and my bedroom closes, and I can honestly say I feel happier and lighter. The decluttering allowed me to focus on other matters; such as the trajectory of my business.

Self-Reflection is Necessary

As many of you know; I have been a successful part-time copywriter for years. I also maintain a pretty-cool 9-5 gig. But, honestly, I’ve come to the proverbial fork in the road where I have to make a hard deadline of the day I will walk away from the comfort of my 9-5 and fully embrace the entrepreneurial journey.

My husband recently shared an article with me from Fast Company Magazine. Tracy Bower, a sociologist, focused on work, workers, and workplaces; and the author of the article essentially wrote that quintessential”Work-life balance” makes people set their sights too low. In fact, she believes that people should focus on work-life fulfillment. Such a simple concept and yet I struggle to fully jump 100% into endeavors that bring me joy, clarity and a keen sense of purpose because the idea excites my spirit and scares me shitless simultaneously.

I’m Ready for a Change

So after much prayer and meditation along with encouraging conversations from my homey, lover, friend, husband; I have decided that… drum roll, please… January 1, 2021, I will focus solely on Farley Creative Co. and Farley Media! ( Did I really type that? )* Starts to sweat a little* Yep, #yourfavoritecopywriter is taking the big entrepreneurial leap. Stay tuned.

Current Happenings in 2019

Like one of my coaches told me”, “You have to embrace the dip.” So, yeah, I lost a few clients when I decided to increase my fees, but gained higher-paying, referral giving clients, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve also developed a program to help new and aspiring copywriters obtain high-paying copywriting projects that will launch in mid-May.

I wrote a children’s book that has had moderate success, and I am currently working on the second installment to the series. You can order a copy here or on Amazon. I’ve also created “Copy Magnet TV”, a digital media resource for new and aspiring copywriters. (I told you I’ve been busy!) You can find my channel on YouTube and Instagram. 

I’ve also written a short screenplay that I am looking to produce in late summer of this year.

I’m glad we could catch up. We’ll talk real soon. 

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